The Big Apple's Failure!

Root access to High Sierra

Security failure found on new apple's operating system High Sierra.
Would you like to gain root access in a system? Well.. the newest operating system High Sierra came with this failure!
Can you believe that??? Will be this an Apple's easter egg?
By trying to do some change on system preferences, in users and groups, a password is need.
All you must to do is change the username to root (no password) then "voila", you get all access to the system.

To runaway from this failure, just open terminal then create a password for root. Seems simple? Few people do this...

Want some more? The problem is deeper!
This same failure happens on App Store in system preferences. To authenticate, just switch the username to root then.. ACCESS GRANTED! But no palliative solutions.

Until now there's no Apple's update to fix this problem. Until there, take care to yours macbook's physical access.