This area was made especially for you! Most of these postings were made in my private lab, which is where i spend a lot of time. I really hope you like it and if you want you can write something for me in the contact area. Have fun!

Who am i?

My name is Mayara Gouveia, you can contact me here, on my LinkedIn webpage [Don´t forget to be logged in on LinkedIn]. I am a Self-taught and enthusiastic, sympathetic to the free software movement and eternal student. I started my professional life through hardware maintenance, to widen the horizon and find myself in the area of ​​cyber security. I am a focused and dedicated professional, and thirsty for challenges..

DevOps Days Fortaleza

See the photos of DevOps Days Fortaleza 2018, that happened on 20 October on Unifor (Fortaleza University). Here´s the official website.

Looking for a free professional certification?

Are you from Information Security? So that's all for you! Fortinet Network Security Expert is a new certification program with the first level for free. All you must to do is join the Fortinet NSE Institute. Go ahead!

Meltdown and Spectre

What Kaspersky Labs says about a vulnerability found in intel processors. Is the end of low-cost processors? Is this fault recent? How to protect yourself? Better understand the famous Meltdows and Specter by clicking here.

Are you using a Hikvision camera?

A Backdoor found on some of models of Hikvision camera. They emerged into the market of security camera with a promisse of a low cost device and great quality, but in May 2017 the Backdoor was discover in some models of Hikvision camera. The company has already made a new firmware who correct the Failure. Will the costumers still buying Hikvision cameras? See the video showing the backdoor here. See the report from ICS-CERT here.

New Oracle Weblogic vulnerability

Campaign is using a recently released WebLogic exploit to deploy a Monero miner. The vulnerability affects supported versions,, and and, at least, the unsupported version Check the SAMS Technology Institute article by Renato Marinho the chief research officer at Morphus Labs by clicking here.