The Weakest Link of the Chain

The End User Machine

Nowadays many companies invest in the qualification of their IT team. As security measures increase, new certifications come into existence and the fight for a good position becomes more and more fierce.
A good technology manager needs to get out of the box and understand how business works world-wide. You need to follow some more professional social networks, such as linkedIn to keep an eye on every new threat that comes up.
More important than having a good information security policy is to use this policy effectively. It's no use owning the most expensive software and appliances, or the most capable professionals if you do not train your end user. It is in the end user that the danger lives.
Every day we encounter social engineering scams, where a simple phone call causes the user to report sensitive corporate data. Each day it becomes clearer that the weakest link in the chain is the user.
A user who only reads information security policy is a vulnerable user. Police need to be indoctrinated and users need to be trained.
At we can find some courses aimed at users and lay people, guiding them how to handle each scenario, whether it is a false link from a service supplier or an email with an incredible offer. When you learn to identify these threats, the IT manager can say that have a strong T.I team, no matter how good and expensive your appliances and applications are, or how many certifications your analysts have.
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